Final Day Interning at Jesto!

  • 2015年08月21日(金)

Hi everybody! It’s Calvin.

After around one and a half months of working at JESTO, it is sadly my last day working here. It was by far, the most eye-opening experience I have had and truly changed the way I work and confront challenges.

During my time here, I worked on the Japantwo website and added a few articles about Dagashi, Traditional Japanese Gardens, and the Tokyo National Museum.


I made a lot of changes on the organization of the website as it was quite messy when I first started working on it. A few of my days were also spent with Fujii-san going to meetings or taking photos for a patisserie company.

I am very glad that I took the opportunity to intern at Jesto and I encourage anybody thinking of applying to also take the opportunity.