JESTO’s New Intern

  • 2015年07月14日(火)

Hello everyone!
My name is Calvin Muramoto and I started to intern here at JESTO six days ago.
In this short amount of time, I have had to opportunity to go to a conference with Fujii-san and eat lunch with everyone at a nearby restaurant.
I currently work on the Japantwo website and hope to add many articles to expand the page.


I currently live in Manassas, Virginia in the Washington D.C. area and I am a senior attending Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology.
I love working with my hands to build stuff and working on robotics projects.
I am currently visiting Japan for the first time in five years.
I lived in the Meguro area till I was in 4th grade attending the American School in Japan when I moved to America.


In the few days of working here, I have grown to love the work environment at JESTO.
Everyday has become filled with many different possibilities to have acquire new experiences.
Although the work environment is productive and active, at the same time everyone is always having a great time.
I enjoy talking with Fujii-san and Eisei-san and have also begun talking to more people due to the group lunches.
Imai-san also has helped me get used to the JESTO environment and starting to work here was very comfortable.


I hope to continue having a great time working at JESTO and write many articles during this summer!